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"We believe people make the difference"
Abu Gharyb Palace - 14 April 2003 (L-R: CW3 Hector Cuevas, NGA Team Leader, BG Michael Lee, NGA Military Executive, Jim White, Craig Pearson).
JLWA is a Veteran-owned Small Business that has deployed its personnel and assisted other deployers since 9-11. Our Associates were with some of the first units in Afghanistan and Iraq. We also participate in National Special Security Events and other Homeland Security efforts such as the Hurricane Katrina relief. Our strengths include preparing personnel and systems for deployment, training individuals on the use of National and Tactical technology, and providing multi-sensor geospatial collection, processing, analysis, production and dissemination expertise. We help our customers and partners build teams with technical excellence, diversity and professionalism. At JLWA, we believe that our people working with your people can make a difference in the Global War on Terrorism.